Former MMBL Player makes it to the show

 Chase Whitley-P                                                                        Chase played two summers in the MMBL while at Troy University. Chase was drafted by the New York Yankees in 15th round in 2010. Congratulation to Chase for being the first player in MMBL to make it to the show.

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MMBL Players Drafted in the 2014 MLB Draft

 Bradley Roney – P
Former MMBL Twins, drafted in 8th round by the Atlanta Braves in the 2014 MLB draft.

 Trey Cochran-Gill – P                                                                          Former MMBL Braves, drafted in 17th round by the Seattle Mariners in the 2014 MLB draft.

Tripp Martin – 3B                                                                     Former MMBL Red Sox, drafted in 22nd round by the Texas Rangers in the 2014 MLB draft.

Griff Gordon – OF                                                                     Former MMBL Twins, drafted in 27th round by the New York Yankees in the 2014 MLB draft.





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(L-R) Chandler Taylor -H.S MVP, Clay Holcomb & Blake Bearden Co-College MVP, Ethan Hunt College Pitcher MVP

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